Pantone's Color of the Year 

The 2017 Pantone "Color of the Year" is Greenery. As a strong proponent of the color green, Living Pattern art was shared on the Pantone's Instagram.

#Greenery inspired + artistically refreshed. ? ?: @livingpattern

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One stroke and the masterpiece is completed. ?:@livingpattern

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? in watercolor ? by botanical artist @livingpattern. #Greenery

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@livingpattern's ? in stunning #Greenery.

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Better Homes and Garden - China - Logo

Jenny Kiker
The Botany Artist

Whether it is Monstera deliciosa, cactus or ferns, under Jenny’s stroke of art, the plants will portray their own unique identity through her fine lines and perfect composition. Each and every Jenny’s art piece allow one to believe that each plant has a “heart and soul”. She isn’t just drawing each brushstroke but conveying and communicating with her audience, through art. She spends a large portion of her time reading and analyzing botany art and have transformed her own home into a botanic garden, because she believes, only through living day and night, that you can portray the best in the plant.

Better Homes and Garden - China - Cover Feat. Jenny Kiker



Design * Sponge Pattern Series

I love a good pattern. I spend a lot of time on Instagram looking for amazing pattern work and artists and designers whose work lends itself naturally to a great repeat. One of my favorite pattern designers on Instagram right now is Jenny K. of Living Pattern. Jenny creates stunning watercolor patterns inspired by nature, including some of the design world’s most beloved go-to plants like Cacti and Alocasia (Elephant’s Ear). I reached out to Jenny to see if she would be up for working with us to create a custom set of patterns and, thankfully, she was! Today is the first of five custom watercolor patterns she’s created for DS readers that you can download to use as wallpaper for your favorite tech devices.

xo, grace

Design Sponge - Pattern Series Feature


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