Pilea Peperomioides

Pilea peperomioides

12 x 16 in / 30.5 x 41cm

$ 32.00


This is possibly the most coveted & sought after plant of our time. It is easy to propagate yet impossible to find. Pilea peperomioides fuses natural plant form & culture, making it the true go-to minimal modern houseplant.

Printed on natural white artist’s quality paper, made of 90% bamboo. Edition number and print run date stamped on back. Species identification card included with each print.

Each print comes in a clear plastic sealed sleeve and backed with a white mat board. Print packaging is 100% recyclable.

Hanger Frames: Inspired by classic pull-down maps, the Hanger Frame is a smart, easy to use alternative to traditional picture framing. Made from white oak and solid brass hardware. Prints are held securely in between the frame’s wooden brackets which are tightened with brass thumbscrews. 9x12" prints come with a 10" Hanger Frame and 12x16" prints come with a 12.5" Hanger Frame.

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