Do you have a favorite plant? Does your Mom have a favorite plant?
Is there a plant that reminds you of time spent with someone you love?
Commissioned botanical artwork could be the perfect gift or something meaningful to adorn your own home.

I am currently accepting commissions for botanical artwork.


Request Commission

Commissions work like this:

1. Pick a plant.

2. Designate a size for artwork.

3. Choose a color for your piece.

4. Approve sketches and color swatch.

5. Select framing (optional).

Interior designers

I create specific pieces and color match for projects.

Pictured: A large scale beavertail cactus, a California native commissioned by Studio Tack for the Tilden Hotel in San Francisco. Six large scale originals hang in the lobby while prints are displayed in each room.

If you are interested in Living Pattern art for your project, email me at