To Scale Monstera Series

This series was the result of a minor natural disaster that happened at my home. I was a windy night and a rather large oak tree fell in the direct center of my Monstera patch that live outside of my studio window. I was devastated. My hubby cut out as much of the tree as he could to save the monsteras but a lot was lost.

The only bright side was he pulled out lots of amazing reference from the rumble. I rarely take clippings from the plants I reference for my work but when the opportunity presented itself, I took it. Each monstera was collected, sketched, and painted to scale of the actual leaf to show the grandeur of these amazing plants. 

I'm happy to report, the monsteras are repopulating beautifully. I found out that a new leaf will grow right out of a stalk that was cut and have a light green color until it matures and unfurls. My studio got much brighter for it as well!